Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swimming with cloth diapers

I can only speak for BG's because that's all I use, but we have used them to swim with!

I just took the insert out and put the outside part on. It was perfect!

I read about it and what I found was that really swim diapers only catch the poop, but the pee sort of goes in the pool. So using a CD in the pool was the same as a swim diaper.

I was cautioned that the chlorine could fade the diaper so I set one aside to use for swimming, but it didn't fade at all.

I did get a pack of 25 swim diapers at a garage sale for $1 so I'll use those this summer, but just FYI you can use them for swimming :) Just take the insert out, or else it's H-E-A-V-Y! My dad make that mistake, lol.

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  1. GREAT tip! I was a little concerned about what the pool chemicals might do, but I think I'll just set aside 1-2 of my BG AIOs, which I don't love anyway. :) Woot! Just saved a ton-o-money this summer! Hmm.. perhaps it's time for another fluff-order with the saved dough?