Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you CD on the go?

I worried at first that using CD's while out and about would be a hassle. What I've found is it's no big deal! Sure the diapers take up more space in the diaper bag, but all in all it's really not a problem.

I usually keep 2 BG's in my diaper bag, a few cloth wipes and a wet bag. This is the one I use from Target:

click here for link.

It was $12.99 at Target. I only have 1, but I really could use another one. It's on my list! The only reason I need 2 is so I have one while the first one is being washed.

It's just a bag with a liner that zips! You just throw the diaper/wipes in the bag and bring it home to wash. But make sure you wash the wet bag with the diapers! You don't want to leave a poopy mess behind! :)

Before my days of cloth wipes I use to throw the disposable wipes in the diaper and put the whole thing in the bag. And then I would just wash it all. Turns out it's no big deal to wash the disposable wipes! In fact I would be willing to bet if you wet them you could re-use them! They come out in one piece and very clean :)


  1. although I didnt read alot of this...well, just because =) I DID look at all your pictures! =) And they look fabulous!!!

  2. Rachel, I love this site. I am going to forward it to all my friends and family who doubt out CD choice!!

    We use the BumGenius 3.0 One Size and the One Size All In One Organic. Those are good for day time. We love them! I am going to start to use cloth wipes now that I have read this. We have used wipes and I am sick of taking them to the trash! Love both your blogs!!