Saturday, January 2, 2010

dealing with the gross poops

When I started writing this blog I had an almost 3 year old foster son. We did the cloth diaper thing with him but shortly after potty trained him and thank goodness because his poops + cloth diapers = nasty nasty mess.

At the time my son was just a baby and still on breast milk, his poops were no big deal.

When we started feeding him solids and not being comfortable with his poop going in the washer anymore we had to find something else to work with, that is when my friend recommended these:

Found here:

They are brilliant! They come in small and large options. They line the diaper, catch the poop and are then flushed down the toilet. They are thinner than toilet paper and are bio degradable. The large cost $8 and last us about 2 months, so definitely worth the investment.

If you use them and your child doesn't poop, you just toss the liner instead of flushing.

Happy cloth diapering!


  1. The link for the inserts isn't working can you post it for me. I am having trouble with the poop.

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